Greeks Record Breaking Debt

You tend to wonder if the Europeans knew what they were doing when they created the union. The Greek politicians knew it, and were setting themselves up for a decade of spending. When the growth slowed things started to spill out and the mess started spreading.

Today Greek dept is continuously growing by the day making it even harder to find a solution. The coming elections will be a deciding moment for Greece to remain or separate from the union.

Bellow is an interesting graph of the huge external loan Greece is struggling to pay.


Facebook Stocks Continue to Slide

As Facebook continues to slide in terms of stock price, your stuck with the question if there’s any hope for a company that thinks it can monetized itself with banner ads.

Making things worst are the new comments from various surveys saying with  90% percent certainty that Facebook ads don’t work for them. In my own personal experience using Facebook ads has been a complete failure making me loose almost 10% in contrast to Google Adwords which gave me 40% return from my ad investment.

Here’s an info-graphics showing a breakdown of Facebook claim of users all over the world.